Kraken RC Class 1 TSK (True Scale Kit) for HPI Baja 5B/SC/T

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Kraken RC Class 1 TSK Kit lets you transform your beloved HPI Baja 5b/T/SC vehicles to the scale look of the Iconic Class 1 buggy only revered at Tecate Score Baja 500 and 1000 races.  A project that spans over 18 months, is a result of a "closed door" collaborative effort between Kraken RC engineers and legendary Japanese custom Baja Roll Cage designer, Akihiro Shiomura, AKA "2Strokers.  The final design of the Class 1 TSK Kit not only brings you a spectacular Class 1 Roll Cage, but also a robust 3 piece modular design with heavy duty 2.5mm nylon panels. Though the design has seen radical transformation, make no mistake that the Class 1 TSK Kit still bears the DNA of "2Strokers" design.  Made out of Hi-Impact polymer developed by Dupont USA, the Roll Cage gives you added protection to your Baja and it's components. Unlimited customization can be achieved with the included 2.5 mm heavy duty nylon panels using RIT Dyes and Automotive paint.  Join the Class 1 revolution today!
Class 1 TSK Kit includes:
·         Roll Cage (3 sections)
·         9 pcs - 2.5 mm Heavy Duty White Nylon Body Panels (Paintable)
·         Nets Kit
·         Hardware Installation Kit
·         Instruction Manual
·         Kraken RC Decals

Please Note: Scale Bumper and light rack kit as shown are optional.  They are not necessary but highly recommended to "finish" the scale Class 1 look.
Direct fitment to Baja 5T and 5SC with no additional parts required.

Baja 5B requires the following HPI stock parts for fitment
·         HPI 85417
·         HPI 85419
·         HPI 85247
.     HPI 85421 (Bottom Skid plate needed if optional Scale Class 1 Bumper to be installed)

Compatible Tune Pipes
·         DDM dominator V1 V2
·         GBE 5T pipe
·         VRC Side mount BIgBore
·         VRC Pro Side mount 5T pipe
·         Bartolone Torpedo pipe
·         Bartolone Afterburner pipe
·         KRD 62 pipe (Some trimming is required)
·         Uber predator pipe

COST: $298.00

Team Chase Rear Shock Towers–Baja 5B, 5T and 5SC

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The Team Chase rear shock tower brace is a long awaited for part that replaces the stock tower that is prone to several issues found on all HPI Baja models including the 5b, SS, 5t and 5sc. The first issue with the stock part is the fact that the very important rear shock brace mounts to this area and simply just screws into plastic with no nuts for reinforcement. This is a very significant issue as a lot of weight and stress is put on this area. The Team Chase Rear Shock Tower changes that by adding dual nylock nuts to each brace mounting points.

The other feature of this brace is that its over build, sturdy and plastic. No more need for heavy billet replacement's, this ultra strong plastic tower is extra light weight and will for sure be the choice of every basher worldwide.

COST: $21.00



GraFIL Lexan Rally 5B-G Body for HPI Baja 5B

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The Rally 5B-G for HPI Baja 5B

Made with the best polycarbonate in the world .... the HQ certified Bayer® Makrolon 2.0 mm.
This unique body is born from our passion for the legendary Group B but with a modern twist.
The result of a careful study on 3D CAD to research for maximum strength and aerodynamics.
This kit comes with polycarbonate rear wing and mirrors - masks for painting - base decals set.

Required for mounting this body on a 5B are the following HPI part numbers: 85417 and 85419. 85421 is advisable, to mount a foam front bumper.

Can be fitted all types of mufflers on the market !

They can be purchase by the following shops.

Daves Motors:   Cost: $259.00

RC Pit Stop: Cost: $206.52

Vanquish Products Lower Swing Arms for HPI Baja 5b/5T/5SC

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  • Vanquish Products Extended HPI Baja Swing Arms.
  • Over 2 years in development and testing by pro drivers.
  • Final Design Approved by HPI RACING top rank Pro Driver John Schultz.
  • These arms are precision CNC machined from Domestic solid Billet Aluminum.
  • They are 1/4 inch longer per side for a total width increase of 1/2 of an inch.
  • each arm weighs 3.4 oz.
  • Improved scrub radius vs. using hub extenders.
  • They include Team Fast Eddy licensed extended ball joints.
  • Vanquish Products proprietary Zero Slop brass adjustable Heim joint.
  • Heavy duty high tech nylon pivot Bushings Impregnated with molybdenum disulphide lubricant powder.
  • compatible with Baja 5B, 5B SS, 5T, 5SC, and 5SC SS.

    Designed and Made 100% in the United States of America

    • Includes the following
    • 2ea. Lower swing arms
    • 2ea. lower brass heim joint cups
    • 2ea. Upper brass heim joint cups
    • 2ea. 015 buna orings
    • 4ea. Heavy Duty nylon pivot Bushings
    • 4ea. 2-56x .25 SHCS
    • Installation instructions manual

    Cost: $189.00


  • ATC Racing "H-Bomb" Roll Cage Brace for HPI Baja 5b/5T

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    The ATC HBomB will require you to cut the roll cage. It will then be "FIXED" to either the Front or Rear of the cage, (your choice), by means of set screws that will be included. The set screws will only be visible from under the brace. The cage will then be able to be slipped on and off easily. 
    These H-Bomb braces are cut from blocks of 6061 Billet Aluminum. The set screws included are M4 SS point head screws for a better holding strength. 
    Fits HPI Baja 5b/5T as long as exhaust system being used does not go above the roll cage. 5B stock muffler is fine, 5T stock muffler is too large.
    Note: Will not fit with any exhaust system that fits above the roll cage (HPI SS pipe, DDM "Fast" pipe, etc)

    PRICE: $29.00



    HPI Baja 5SC Video

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