DDM Dominator® V2 SILENCED Pipe w/FREE X-Port for HPI Baja 5b/5T

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DDM Dominator V2 SILENCED Pipe wFREE X-Port for HPI Baja 5b-5T

New from DDM! Developed through months of extensive in-house testing and prototyping, and custom-designed for maximum RC performance, these new Dominator® V2 pipes for your HPI Baja 5b gas buggy will give you the power you crave. This is the silenced version of the pipe - includes a silencer with adjustable tip that can be rotated any direction you like. Gives snappy low-end response, yet still offers unmatched top-end performance! The DDM Dominator® pipe features top-quality steel alloy construction, flexible header coupling, ultra-sturdy adjustable mounting system, and jaw-dropping high polish show chrome finish. Includes FREE custom X-port finned exhaust spacer for improved exhaust header cooling and to help keep the pipe clear of any frame parts! The pipe passes safely through the rear frame "box" - this design is to allow the pipe to be sufficiently wide to allow for MAXIMUM performance, while still being VERY well protected - pipe is unlikely to be exposed in a rollover. Includes genuine Zenoah exhaust gaskets and mounting hardware. Weight is approx 1.65 pounds. Pipe is covered by lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects from DDM. Fits Zenoah and Chung Yang engines. Fits the stock 23cc "Fuelie" engine on the HPI Baja 5b, and the stock 26cc engine on the Baja 5b SS. Also fits the 5T Truck. Also fits all aftermarket and modified engines.

COST: $169.00

DDM Racing Wing/Windshield Wrap for HPI Baja 5T

By suh racing at January 17, 2010 07:49
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DDM Racing Wing-Windshield Wrap for HPI Baja 5T

DDM Racing Wing and Windshield Wrap for HPI Baja 5T Stadium Truck. Now you can represent DDM on your wing and Windshield! Available in your choice of Red or Chrome lettering, with carbon fiber design in background.

COST: $6.00


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